It’s all about the Spring Break

I think I’ve got some time in this break to just sit down and just have an honest conversation with ya’ll (yes I used “ya’ll”). Currently, I’m procrastinating at doing my work for school. I had told a friend on Friday that spring break would be the week I would catch up on all my work, yeah!

We both reluctantly agreed that wasn’t going to happen and then proceeded into a discussion about video games.

What’s on your mind this spring break? I have an exam the week after that I am not looking forward to (does anyone look forward to an exam?). But at the same time I want to enjoy myself this break…it’s a dilemma! I also have a lot of homework to catch up on, plus an ACURA project.

Generic image of someone studying that I found on Google

I started to watch a new show called “Scandal” with a friend of mine, and it is intense just like these bolded words.

Scandal poster

Just the other day I went on my first run since forever, since the weather was really nice. Plus, I won this pair of sweat-proof headphones from the SASA (South Asian Student Association) show on Saturday, so I mean…come on, I have to run now.

Yurbuds Ironman series

And you know what? (what Jairus?). There’s a time for everything. A time to play, a time to work, a time to make music, and a time to post on Lions Tales! It’s all about time management, a strategy I have yet to correctly adopt.

What are you doing on your spring break? Vote or comment below!



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