More than 13 MILLION steps closer to a cure, FTK!

I’ve been trying to wrap my head around THON weekend for about a week now. Mostly trying to wrap my head around that it is all over. THON Weekend was incredible to say the least. This quote kinda says it all…“From the outside looking in you can’t understand it, from the inside looking out you can’t explain it,” that’s THON 100%.


Abington Benefiting THON 2015

I will try to describe my favorite parts of THON but it will definitely be tough!

-Dropping off the dancers at the Multi-Sport Facility and seeing all 710 dancers as refreshed as they would ever be for the rest of that weekend!


Dropping the dancers off at the Multi-Sport Facility

-Playing with the kids and meeting new families all of THON Weekend<3

-Being with Abington’s THON Family, the Chapmans, even though our THON Child Gab was not able to be in the Bryce Jordan Center

-Being with my entire Executive Board all at once on the floor for All-U Hour and getting to share that experience with them


-Go Go Gadget absolutely KILLING it every second of the final hour

-Family Hour and hearing different Four Diamonds Families speak and reminding ALL of us why we do what we do and why our feet ached and our eyes were heavy as much as our hearts

-The revealing of Abington’s total… I was telling my dancers all of Friday that it “hasn’t hit me yet” and at that moment it hit me like a MACK truck! I started balling my eyes out (again) and was just engulfed with pride, joy, love, and every emotion in the world. I waited all weekend for it to “hit me” and it was worth every second of the wait when it did. I knew right then that it was all over. I knew that all of our hard work had led to this moment and I was so happy. I AM so happy.


Watching Abington’s Total reveal with my two dancers

-Watching my newest members experience their first THON and being filled with the feelings that I had my first THON. Talking to my members and learning about them is amazing. Hearing how they want to continue their THON journeys is even better. It’s been so hard to explain THON to them this past year, to make them believe in something that I believe in so deeply. But now they are living it and now they will have that same difficulty in explaining THON to others, but knowing deep down in their heart the love they have for THON.


Abington Benefiting THON Members listening to Four Diamonds families tell their stories

-The revealing of the final total of THON 2015 Empower the Dreamers. As each of those cards rose, my heart beat hard like the sound of a drum. And when it was all up I couldn’t believe my eyes. We did it. We raised over $13 MILLION DOLLARS!? HOW? Seriously, how could 15,000 undergraduate students come together for this one cause? Looking around at everyone in the stands jumping up and down then seeing the faces of children cheering in the crowd. THAT is why we do it. We do it for children like Gab, Eli, Kaitlyn, Ashley, Corban, Crystal, Emily, Ashley, Maddie, Lauren, Jeremy, Sarah, Dom, Christopher and many others. So that not 80% of those diagnosed with cancer are survivors, but 100%.


So is THON really over? The answer is no. THON will never be over for me and many other THONers. I told my members before THON Weekend at our last meeting to continue to raise money and awareness through THON or other organizations like Alex’s Lemonade Stand and Stand Up 2 Cancer. Don’t stop until that number is at 100%, do what you can to make a difference. Spread the word and don’t stop talking about beating pediatric cancer. THON Weekend may be over, but THON lives on forever in our hearts.


THON Child Kaylahni gets Cancer Free diagnosis just 2 days after THON Weekend is over:)

“To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived; This is to have succeeded.”
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Abington THON’s Official Totals:

2004- $6269.99

2005- $8536.53

2006- $14,465.14

2007- $11,238.17

2008- $16,271.09

2009- $24,308.13

2010- $21,738.68

2011- $22,737.28

2012- $41, 695.96

2013- $34,202.22

2014- $35,551.89

2015- $32,388.42

Abington Benefiting THON has raised $269,403.50 ALL FTK:)


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