THON and the Kids Thank our Penn State Abington Faculty and Staff!

One of my goals for the year was to make THON Campus wide, and faculty and staff were my main targets of reaching that goal for the year! My ideas were A. the success of THON takes a lot of power B. I need to be spreading awareness on my campus before moving it farther and C. gotta pull in some Penn State Abington Pride!! The feel of community at Abington was evident with every encounter about THON with a faculty or staff member. These are thank yous to those people that have inspired me and made me so happy to call Penn State Abington, my home.


Our amazing diamond donation box made from scratch by Bob from Maintenance! HOW COOL IS IT?!

First, to my advisor Gina Kaufman, if you haven’t met superwoman, just go to 209 Lares. Gina has been our ROCK this year! She pushes us to dream big and helps us execute our crazy ideas. She is always there when I have my anxiety attacks and says ALL the right things to make me feel better. She always asks, “What can I do for you?” and that alone means the world to us. I could not have finished this year without her supporting me and making me a stronger leader and woman than I was when I started this journey. And always reminding me before making decisions, that we do everything for the kids with cancer!:)

A great advisor is one who will let you pie her in the face!

A great advisor is one who will let you pie her in the face!

Thank you Tracy Reed for always being there to support me and asking me if I’m okay all of the time. For letting me rant to you and giving me objective views on my problems, whether it be THON or personal, being my shoulder to lean on. Thank you to Marcia, for handling all of our finances and keeping me on track, this lady does it all AND IN HIGH HEELS! (GOALS) Gale Siegel, you have inspired me from the beginning to be different, proud and to be a kick-butt woman, thank you for everything this year! Steve Mostert, my very own Tim Gunn, thanks for always telling me to “Make it work!” Because I sure did! Thank you to Ethel O’Dea, Marjory Shields and Beth Segal for being people I could always come and talk to about THON and always offered a helping hand. Thank you Jose Rodriguez, John Nguyen, and Dan Kim for always putting a smile on my face and brightening my day with a laugh! Erica Pulaski for supporting us at Stand Up and doing some AWESOME psychic readings! Thank you to Carole from Financial Aid for letting us Pie you in the face!:) Thank you Deborah and Aliyah from the Bursar office for helping us count all of the THON Canning money; hand sanitizer and lotion is on me!

Marcia does it all...AND IN HIGH HEELS!

Marcia does it all…AND IN HIGH HEELS!

Thank you to University and Alumni Relations; Maria, Jim, Jill, Judy, Rachael, Pam and Regina, the pictures, blogs, and news articles always come out 10 times better than I ever expect them to. You all extended Abington THON far beyond my reach and I am forever grateful to you all for that! The maintenance staff; events would not have been possible without you all, sometimes a thankless job but each and every one of you made a difference. Bob, the diamond you made for us is something I am still amazed by and I thank you for putting so much thought and work into it. It’s everything I wanted and more! To the CNS team for doing a hilarious rendition of No Shave November and raising a HUGE chunk of change For The Kids! To Shawne, Julie, Nelson and Noelle from Athletics for letting us pie you in the face in September and bringing your teams out to our Stand Up For The Kids Event! Harry Felton, I will miss you being there when I send out my THONvelopes, thank you for your bright smile and positive vibes! To Derek and Sam for always driving me to and fro the Target parking lot when I’m running errands for THON or catching a Chipotle break and always keeping the conversation alive!


Jill from Alumni Relations was also 2012 Abington THON Chair and shows us how they did the Line Dance in 2012!

Thank you to our faculty donors, Dr. Karen Sandler, our chancellor, Dr. Vivian Hsu, Dr. Thomas Smith, Dr. Leonard Mustazza, James Foreman, Jimmy Pack, and anyone else I missed from the faculty donors! (I will update these names as they come in and I remember!) Rabbi Bogot, you let us pie you and make you buy candy canes and you still were a HUGE help and donor this year, thank you! Thank you Wendy Richman for helping our dancers get their nutrition and diets ready for their 46 hours! Thank you Dr. Marlene Smith, Dr. Mike Bernstein, Dr. Jake Benfield, Dr. Julie Liebman, Dr. Linda Miller, John Thompson, and Dr. Judy Newman for supporting me in simple ways like reminding me that what THON does is amazing and showing affection to me about THON. It’s an amazing reminder to just be told that you are doing the right thing. Thank you to all of the faculty and staff that I missed for always checking up on me and THON’s progress, just asking showed me that you cared and supported us! Being at Penn State Abington, I realized how lucky I am to be at a campus that supports its students and their goals. More than myself, the thousands of children fighting for their lives and their families are eternally grateful. YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

“You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make the dream a reality.” -Walt Disney

Under that pie is the one and only James Foreman from the CNS team!

Under that pie is the one and only James Foreman from the CNS team!

*THON Weekend takes place at Penn State University – University Park campus at the Bryce Jordan Center on February 20th-22nd 2015. To make a tax-deductible donation to Penn State Abington’s organization, please visit


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