Heart racing, hands sweating, knees shaking! All these emotions running through me as we get ready for the THON dancer retreat. With THON being only 18 days away, what better way to end this weekend with a group of amazing people all fighting for one cause?

Last Thursday Abington’s THON chair Melissa and dancers 6A and 6B (Mary and Diana) began their road trip to University Park through a wild blizzard of snow for over 4 hours. Although a little late, we made it to Road to THON celebration.

The commonwealth dancer retreat officially began Saturday afternoon. Representatives from all the commonwealth campuses walked through the door. As each and every dancer and their chair settled in, anticipation was building. The Dancer retreat is a weekend full of fun games and a lot of information not only for the dancers but their chair as well. A guide was made to survive THON weekend all thanks to the commonwealth liaisons. This entire weekend wouldn’t have went as amazing as it did without all the helpers.

The biggest tip that was said 100 times was “pack tons of SOCKS!” Any dancer will not survive with just one pair or even two pairs of sock. The feeling of changing socks and slipping your tired feet into another pair of sneakers will only make you feel better. This tip couldn’t have been more important for all the dancers to remember! The feeling of new socks is like the feeling of the first time your feet slip into a nice new pair of fuzzy warm socks. AMAZING!!!

The best part of the night was when all the dancers finally met their DRCM’s (Dancer Relation Committee Member). DRCM’s are a dancers’ motivation throughout the 46 hours. The friend who keeps each dancer alive, happy and wipes their tears away when they cry from being tired. We came that weekend with a mind set that they we wouldn’t be able to meet our DRCM’s because of a late notice. But, when all the dancers were dancing on one side of the room, our DRCM’s and their chairs filled the other side of the room divider. Suddenly the sliding doors snapped open and they all came running and cheering into our side of the room full of 2015 THON dancers. Dancers were jumping, shocked and filled with joy. This was a picture perfect moment. Mary and Myself swerved through the room and finally found Bill and Kylee, our DRCM’s. IMG_4516The smiles and hugs going around filled the room with an amazing feeling of happiness. The night ended with a room full of sleeping bags, blankets and a cuddle session. We didn’t just make new friends, we expanded our THON family.

The weekend finally came to an end Sunday morning, bright and early. Tables full of delicious breakfast food (bagels, fruit, and juice) were provided for our road trip home. This wasn’t a goodbye, it was more like “I’ll see you soon.” More like I’ll see you in 19 days at THON 2015 at University Park in the BJC (Bryce Jordan Center)!


With all that being said now time to continue this dancer diet and keep eating and working out for a healthy body to survive 46 hours of fun!



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