Fighting for the Dreamers

THON-Mary400THON 2015 is less than a month away! The moment I have been waiting for all year, since the conclusion of THON 2014. I cannot begin to explain my excitement and anticipation. It is that of five year old me on Christmas Eve lying in bed, as still as I possibly can be, in hopes to hear footsteps on the roof; however, it is far greater than that. 30 days from now I – Mary Roche – will be alongside Diana Nolte as Penn State Abington’s dancers, dancing our hearts out for 46 hours. Simultaneously, we will be fighting for a cure to pediatric cancer.

I often get asked why I am so passionate about THON. I can’t give a concise, exact answer. However, to give you an idea, I guess I would say that through everything we do, we are one step closer to giving all children the opportunity to share the same excitement I felt on Christmas Eve, and for years to come without the thought of it being their last as so many families have to face in a world with pediatric cancer. IMG_20140928_231658My wish is for all children to have the fun-filled, carefree, happy childhood that each and every one of them deserves. My wish is for no parent to ever have to hear that their precious child has cancer. My wish is for families to spend holidays, special occasions, vacations, etc together, and not in the atmosphere of a hospital or treatment center. They should never have to live in fear of a holiday, occasion, or vacation being their child’s last. This is what THON does and what THON is doing. We “Brighten Every Journey.” We “Inspire Tomorrow’s Miracles.” We “Redefine the Possibilities.” We “Empower the Dreamers.” Unfortunately, cancer is not going to be cured overnight. So until then, we can do everything in our power to give these families the ability to spend every moment with their sick child without seeing a hospital bill by continuing to raise for the Four Diamonds. We can continue to give these families hope. To give these families something to dream for.

This is why I THON. Why I fight for the dreamers. Why I am so incredibly grateful to have been given the opportunity to dance in THON 2015. It is my hope that as the days wind down to THON weekend, that I can give you readers a “behind the scenes” look at what it is like. Furthermore, it is my hope that many more will want to join the fight and be a part of this life-changing organization. FTK.


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