34 days until THON…

34 days…wow…there are 34 days until THON. An amazing year for sure so far, stressful and anxiety filled, but TRULY amazing. 34 days. 34 days and we will all be standing together for the start of THON Weekend. THON Weekend is the culmination of all of our fundraising efforts for the year*. Commonwealth Campuses, Greek Organizations, and Special Interest Organizations come together for a 46-hour dance marathon to celebrate the end of another amazing fundraising season.


2014 THON Weekend “Redefine the Possibilities”

Although the fundraising season starts in September, THON preparations start IMMEDIATELY after THON Weekend. THON Weekend is always at the end of February; following that, in March, the next THON Chair is chosen. In April, the rest of the Executive Board positions are filled to end the semester. As soon as the Executive Board is chosen and they transition, the planning begins!

I hope to give you behind the scenes views of THON preparations from the THON Chair perspective. Looking forward to the next 34 days, I can’t help but look back and see what we have ALL accomplished as an organization so far.


THON Meeting Selfie taken by our Morale Director, Fabricio! THON Meetings are held EVERY Wednesday from 12pm-1pm (Common Break) in 112 Woodland.

In 34 days, we will come together to dance, laugh and celebrate. Sure, we will celebrate ourselves for the year, but most importantly we will celebrate all of the children who won back their childhood, the brave children still fighting pediatric cancer, and together we will celebrate the lives of those who have lost their battle. We fight WITH the kids, For The Kids, for life and for a cure.


*THON Weekend takes place at Penn State University – University Park campus at the Bryce Jordan Center on February 20th-22nd 2015. To make a tax-deductible donation to Penn State Abington’s organization, please visit giveto.psu.edu/THON-Abington.


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