So I did it! I posted an Instagram photo every day for the past year of 2014 with the hashtag “#365moments”. Here are a few things I’ve learned:

1. When you put your mind to doing something every day, eventually it’ll become second nature. It’s a weird feeling now not having to post a moment (a bit relieving too!).

2. I say “not having to post”^ but honestly, it wasn’t a chore to post these moments. It let me give my followers a glimpse into a year of my life. And because of this, I was “forced” to post just what my day felt like. If it was a bad day, then I had to let my followers see that; it was interesting to think about and enjoyable to do.

Day 121: I'll never forget tonight. Mrs. O'Dea is the greatest music teacher a student can ask for. Thank you. #abingtones #magic #365moments

“Day 121: I’ll never forget tonight. Mrs. O’Dea is the greatest music teacher a student can ask for. Thank you. #abingtones #magic #365moments”

3. You’ll be surprised about what you post. I can see that the stuff I post most about are/is stuff I care about or spend a lot of my time doing. For example, I have a lot of pictures of me doing work on my laptop, and I’m a neat freak always organizing digital files on my laptop, so it sort of makes sense. I have other posts of me and my best friend, I have a lot of pictures of me with my bird, welcome to the life of Jairus.

4. You sort of entertain your viewers when you take on a project like this. I had a couple friends who said they looked forward to seeing my posts every day, and that’s a good feeling.

"Day 128: they don't understand what a "moment" is. That's okay, I still love these guys. #barbecue #friends #365moments"

“Day 128: they don’t understand what a “moment” is. That’s okay, I still love these guys. #barbecue #friends #365moments”

5. Being consistent with a goal, and letting yourself be accountable, can really inspire others to do the same. I know it may seem like a silly Instagram project, but it was fulfilling and I sort of felt happily obligated to post a moment. I have at least 3 people who said they would take on this #365moments project, and around 4 others who have actually started it this year, and even others who have started similar projects (like posting a homemade cuisine once a week). It’s a really good feeling because its change, no matter how trivial or ineffective it may be.

6. You can really surprise yourself if you’re consistent and keep up what you’ve started. At about Day 200, as I was posting my moment, I took a step back and just thought of how crazy it was that I had managed to post a moment every day for 200 days. High-five Jairus.

7. Having a goal, whatever it may be, can really bring meaning to your year. I felt really accomplished as I started nearing the end of the year, because I knew I had kept something up that I wanted to do, all year.

8. You learn a lot about others when you post a moment too. I have a cousin that started this project with me at the same time, and viewing his daily moments led me to learn a lot about him and his year. Follow @dan_abraham1 on Instagram. Download my mixtape its fire.

"Day 363: With some goons getting iced coffee and what have you. #whathaveyou #tyroneburkett #365moments"

“Day 363: With some goons getting iced coffee and what have you. #whathaveyou #tyroneburkett #365moments”

9. Having and completing a goal can motivate you to keep going! This year, 2015, there was no way I was not going to undertake another daily project, so I started #365selfies…yeah, you get to see my glorious face, 365 days’ worth, in a video at the end of this year. I felt posting a picture of my face every day was too much of a good thing.

10. Like a good friend of mine said, it’s crazy to look back at your posts and see how people and things have changed. It may seem cliché, but it’s so true. I’ve lost friends, made new ones, learned more about myself, learned more about others, experienced life-changing events, got new family, and I am glad to have done this project and see a literal evolution of my life in one year.

"Day 151: patiently waiting. #365moments"

“Day 151: patiently waiting. #365moments”

What are your guys plans for this year? Let me know! Comment and subscribe! (jk).


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