‘Tis The Season To Build A Greenhouse

With temperatures dipping below the freezing point this week, nobody wanted to stay outside longer than it took them to walk from one class to another…at least you would think so, right?  Wrong.


Here’s only some of the students that came out to support the project!

Wednesday, November 19, marked the beginning of the Greenhouse Project.  Organized by the Sustainability Club, students and faculty braced themselves for the frigid air and headed to the field behind the Conference Center to begin building Penn State Abington’s very own greenhouse!  From what I gathered, the project was the result of the club receiving a grant they applied for which was then used to purchase the materials needed to build the greenhouse.


It may be just a foundation in this picture, but looking behind, all the right stuff is there to get this thing going.

I was let out of Spanish early so I decided to head over to see what I could do to help.  Unfortunately, the dirty work wasn’t really starting up yet and I couldn’t hang around long enough to make a significant contribution.  I’m gonna have to take a walk up this way again to see how it came out, and I suggest you all do too!  Whether you’ll make use of the greenhouse or not, it’s worth checking out.


You can’t really see it, but TRUST me, there’s a fire in there.

Before I left, I did get to do something pretty awesome that doesn’t happen every day on campus.  Somebody asked for help making a fire so of course I jumped in!  May not seem like a big deal, but it’s the little things.

It goes to show, big things can get done on campus by students like you and me.  Nice work to the Sustainability Club and all the people involved.  Truly amazing.


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