Abington IST Study Abroad- Networking in China

Penn State Abington provides couple of Faculty-led short-term study abroad program, such as the Networking in China (the program that I was in). This program is 2 credit hour course with one during fall, studying the cultural background of China and preparation for the lab project that we will be doing in China; we receive another credit during summer, visiting Bejing, and Hebei University of Science and Technology.

Me and my parents have lived in Beijing for five half years about couple years ago. However, this time it wasn’t same. In couple years, Beijing have developed so much, and I have realised that really missed living here!

We stayed in Beijing for 11 days it was truly amazing experience, no words could describe what we felt!



— My selfie while Dr Duan trying to take a group picture 😉

For first three days, we stayed in Beijing—we went to loads of typical Chinese tourist destinations such as, the Great Wall of China, Tiananmen Square, the temple of heaven, local tourist market and so forth. And then, we went to the Shijiajuang, Hebei University of Science and Technology for the Networking Project.


–Here’s the picture of our first meal at China—火鍋 (pronounced Huo Guo– Chinese Hot pot), with Chris and Dan cut behind!


–Here’s the picture of me and our tour guide Eric who works at Abercrombie and Keith.


–Professor Duan not feeling young 😀

Oh, by the way the tour guide Eric told us that Me and My bud Anthony set up the new record for climbing all the way up to the tourist restricted point and down to the chair lift place with time of 42 minutes, since 2004!


–and the Tourist-must part Group Selfie!  **(From left to right) Anthony, Chris, Amy, Me, Dan, Matt, Ethan (part of his face), Quadirah


–Whether the Hard Rock Café exists in China or not—who cares? it’s just a shirt!


–Me and some random (?) Middle Eastern Lady that I just met in China


–the Super Expensive Chinese Restaurant that our tour guide led us….#touristripoff **Chris and Dr Duan


–She’s not happy with the amount we got charged :/ The only place where Water’s at least 5 times more expensive than can of Sprite (CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?!) **Matt (L), Amy(R)


–Penn State Abington, that’s how it is in Chinese!!! on the side note,the Translator thought we were from the Penn State Altoona; the lady felt sorry after Professor Duan made the correction


–My team working on the Campus Networking Setup Project **Chris (L), Lala (CL), Me (CR), and Malujia (R)


–Professor Joe Oakes lecturing


–And of course, the plane had to break down on the way back, so we had to stay at local hotel for one more day while me and my buds enjoy the spa, sauna and the pool (“Free” luxury China Trip for one more extra day yea!)  **Demetri waving like a kid 😀

Overall, This short-term study abroad program was a fantastic opportunity for me to get to know all the participants, learn the Chinese culture, learn about the network, and get a hands-on experience with networking routers, and switches and so forth.

Before the trip I knew the names, and faces, of couple of people and Amy, but I wasn’t really close with any of them. Now, I feel like we’ve known each other for so long! I strongly encourage you all to apply for the Study abroad programs!


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