Andddd BREAK!

Wow! I was so not ready to leave Spring Break! (Even though I had a few extra days)


Enjoying some Butter Beer with Mike at Harry Potter World, Universal Studios, Orlando


Check out that View!!
Our camp and tent at Fort Desoto Campsite, St. Petersburg


“Hogwarts” at Universal Studios. This broom ride was awesome!


Flying Kites on the beach of St. Augustine! I had a Disney Kite and Mike had Optumus Prime on his!! They went so high!


Ginnie Springs. The view as we set out on a Morning Kayak. So peaceful and the most wonderful sunrise I’ve ever seen…


Mike and I on our Kayaks! What a great morning that was. 🙂


Some more Kayaking!


On my Kayak at Ginnie Springs!

I had the best time!

Spring Break has always been a big deal to me, not in the go clubbing in Miami and get wasted stereotype, but it a way to just relax and cool down right before the semester ends. It’s a great reality check that although classes are important, its not vital to sweat the small stuff. This break, besides celebrating my five year anniversary with Mike, I went CAMPING! Which is something I haven’t done in years. My mom surprised me with my own little pup tent, and me and Mike drove around florida enjoying the sites (as well as the warm weather) in a tiny little tent and no regular showers. It might not sound glamourous, and it wasn’t, but I had the best time. It was fun seeing Michael in that way and working through each other’s quirks while driving for hours, sleeping on a hard ground, and having to cook our meals with a few measly pieces of charcol.

I also learned a lot about myself on the trip. I learned how much I like to be in control. Mike planned the whole trip for us, and as that was stressful for him (I usually make the plans), it was equally frustrating for me to not have control or say in the activities he planned. I did, however, have the best time! (Note to self, RELAX! Give up the riens.) I was also reminded how adaptable I am. When I took my trip to Panama last summer, I learned that I can really do anything I put my mind to, and also survive any hardship or difficult thing that comes my way; Nothing is impossible. This trip reminded me of that. Although it was nothing like the conditions of Panama, it showed me how much my relationship with others, especially Mike, is also adaptable and we can make it through any hardship that faces us. Relationships and friendships are changeable, moldable. A few rocks in your back, or a raccoon break-in wont upset the things that really matter.

But anyway, my trip consisted of a tour of Florida. We started at Ginnie Springs in North Central Florida. There we camped and woke up to a kayaking breakfast. Easy to say it was my favorite morning of the trip. There were clear waters, and absolutely no noise. Mike and I were the only people on the river and were able to row about 10 miles, and just float back. It was awesome! The next day we drove to the Tampa area, through Clearwater (No, we didn’t make it to see the Phillies practice.. L) and set up camp at Fort DeSoto in St. Petersburg. If you ever want to go camping on the beach, THIS IS the place to go!! It was very private and quiet and the site was beautiful. There were aquatic birds everywhere, and the beach was gorgeous. While staying in For DeSoto, we made a drive to Universal Studios in Orlando. It was a long drive, but the park was fun, as always! I even tried some butterbeer. J Yum, Yum!! The last day of our trip we drove back towards Jacksonville, and ended up touring around St. Augustine for the day. Although, we’ve both been to St. Augustine a hundred times, it was a blast as always. The beach was warm and active with lots of people, and the Rita’s water ice was cold and refreshing! It was a great trip!!


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