Pennsylvania Winter: I’m done with you.


Me earlier this winter when I was happy it was snowing.

Warm fuzzy blankets, movies, hot chocolate, and off course no school. Aren’t these the things we get excited about when it is snowing?  I have never been exposed to large amounts of snow in the Netherlands so this “Winter Wonderland” in Pennsylvania excited me. Well, a month ago.  Now, I’m thinking to myself- Why, oh why, would I ever purposefully choose to live in Pennsylvania instead of California?!


This weather totally messes with my happy-joy-joy frame of mind.  It’s even messing with my daily habits!  I have always been a morning person, but lately I just lay in bed for an hour+ after my alarm goes off because I refuse to crawl out of the warmth. I always make a fort of pillows in order to ensure no cold breeze can seep through.

What can I say? I get cold easily.

Last week, when it had snowed of course, and we had delay from school, I woke up with a positive attitude and all ready to get to school in my Red Mini Cooper. We could survive the snow together. My Mini was strong.. NOT.

The second I put the key in the ignition, I knew there was something wrong. Mini wasn’t starting. I guess my car gets easily cold too because the battery had died. After an hour of asking people for a jumping cable and freezing my butt off, I was able to start my car.

I was already late for class- and yes there goes my positive attitude. But I didn’t give up. I decided to hit the road (even though I was going 10 MpH an hour.) And finally, after a lot of sliding and struggling on the road, I finally got to school. All day long I felt miserable and hated the snow and everyone, but then, all of the sudden, I got a text message from my cousin. She said: “HE IS HERE!


New member of the family!

I got a new nephew. That very moment I forgot everything that happened earlier that day. My heart filled up with happiness. Something this little and adorable had made my day. Even the horrible drive home couldn’t get me pissed off.

Buttttttt… its snowing AGAIN today and I really can’t handle this anymore.

Good Lord, please make this stop, or send me another nephew 🙂


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