Diversity, Something that is All Around Us

Diversity is something that is all around us, people only begin to notice however when they are taught how to open their eyes. Luckily for those that attend Penn State Abington they are given plenty of chances to open their eyes and to see the world as a bigger place then what they may be use to. One of the ways is through the Diversity Leadership Retreat, offered once during Fall semester and again during Spring semester. I was lucky to be able to attend last Fall as a student and this Fall as a facilitator.

When I first attended I didn’t know many of the people going and of course the butterflies kicked in because the thought of spending a few days with people you just met can be a little anxious. Those feeling nonetheless go away within the first hour of activities. These people that you go with become not only your friends but also the people that helped you connect back to who you are and they become a support for you.

Once you have gone through the retreat you begin to see things differently. You learn about opportunities in life and what it means to be you. You also learn about leadership and what can make someone a leader. And you learn about others and from their experiences. All of these plus so much more really help you grow and become that much more diverse in life.

Penn State Abington students are lucky to have such a great program offered and I hope for a majority of the students to take part in it. If every college was able to offer a program like ours then so much of the world could be a better place, with that less of racism, ageism, sexism, and heterosexualism.


One response to “Diversity, Something that is All Around Us

  1. Great post! Personally, diversity is a great way to see life in a whole new way. It can help open your eyes to new ideas, thoughts, and beliefs. In my opinion, it can transform who you are if truly looked into. Thanks for sharing your story!

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