It’s okay, I didn’t like sleeping anyways.

Three quizzes, two book reports, four labs per week, a five hour organic chemistry lab twice a week, and a pending frustration from an intensive 6 credit Spanish course. Can I just say, the science major is not for everyone. Add a minor in psychology and you have a life based around ramen and crankiness. Now, I’m not saying I don’t live for all this: The crazy deadlines, the irritating lectures, professors who don’t really understand that you have six other classes, and working two jobs; it’s a surprise I manage to shower and maintain my own hygiene. Let’s be honest though- “…no one ever said it would be easy, they just promised it would be worth it”. However, you would hope that the first week back in your senior year wouldn’t contain so much frustration.

Inside shot of the lab I was doing today from my Organic Chemistry 2 Lab

Inside shot of the lab I was doing today from my Organic Chemistry 2 Lab

As you can see above, our classes here are very hands on, especially in most of your labs (if you take them). The thing I like most about labs are their ability to calm me down and allow me to work not only at my own pace, but my own understanding. In a lot of the higher labs, you’ll work with one other person and are given the space and freedom to complete the lab (let’s be honest though, after five hours of lab work you’ll be pretty ready to leave).

So in my timeline, I am currently waiting to hear back about an internship at Abington Memorial Hospital that is directly across the street from PSA. For all you wannabe pre-med majors out there, the hospital has a very good relationship with this campus, making finding an internship or volunteer program super easy. You can even go to classes and go straight to interning if you so wish. This internship allows me to be inside the actual ER and witness surgeries as well as talk one on one with the surgeons after the procedure. Pretty neat, huh?

As a last note, I’m heading home to celebrate my birthday which is on Saturday. A couple of my friends and I went out and had a little fiesta ourselves downtown. Philadelphia will always amaze me. You can go to classes, go to work, and then hop on the septa and be in the heart of Philly in 30 minutes having some of the best food (matched with the best company) you can imagine. For all of you out-of-towners still clutching onto the idea of staying in this quaint little town of Abington, I encourage you to venture out, get lost, miss a train or two, and ultimately, live.

Birthday in Philly!

Birthday in Philly!

Birthdays away from family are never easy, but if you love what you’ll be doing in your future, a little sacrifice is always ok: Plus I rode in my first taxi!

AND REMEMBER: College isn’t purely about how much you succeed, that would get pretty boring if you ask me. It’s all about the moments that make you fail and force you to try again. Otherwise, how can you properly learn?

Over and Out.


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