So many things, so little time!

Homemade Dinner that me and Mom made for Thanksgiving

Homemade Dinner that me and Mom made for Thanksgiving

Mike, my boyfriend, taking selfies under the mistletoe

Mike (my boyfriend) and Me, taking selfies under the mistletoe

Whew! Does anyone else feel like Thanksgiving was just last weekend?

Well, that’s how I feel! Being an out-of-stater, Holiday breaks are hardly “breaks”. They’re a time of rushing around and getting together with all the people you haven’t seen the rest of the year. Its really easy to get lost in yourself. But anyway, after going home for thanksgiving, have family visit me during Christmas, and working to earn a little extra cash for the semester, I’m finally caught up with myself. (Classes feel like a “break” now! haha)

Then it dawned on me, (right about the time new years came around and everyone else started talking about their resolutions…) I’m a senior. This is my last spring semester. These will be my final science classes. This April I’ll go to my last Nittany Ball. I’ll be volunteering for my final spring fest. These will be my last snow days. Even though I have a few credits to finish up during the next fall semester, I’ll have a job on top of that, I’ll no longer be involved in student life, and I’ll be on my way to adulthood. That’s crazy!! The first week of classes is already over. I’ve already got tests planned out, what I’ll be wearing to the next dance, and I’ve turned in 5 homework assignments already. Its so strange, because sometimes I feel like I’m still sixteen, yearning for knowledge and freedom…then I look in the mirror and realize how much I’ve learned, how much I’ve grown, and how much that “freshman 15” can really stretch out your favorite pair of jeans!!

With all that on my plate, I couldnt think of a resolution. This will be a year filled with lasts for me… I dont want to make plans for anything other than to soak up those moments. Get in those LAST chances…. So, I didnt make a resolution. I made a promise to myself to enjoy everything. Let college have its last little moment in my life, because very soon, those college memories, will be only memories…

For now, I’m just trying to soak in all the moments and hope that not too many pass me by!

And to all you freshman, college goes by blinking fast. Enjoy every second and soak up every opportunity! One day, much sooner than you’d think, you’ll be thinking “When did I become a senior?”.


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