Welcome Spring 2014!

Hi Everyone!

I hope you all had a great break and are you all recharged from last semester! I personally had an amazing break and I am all ready for this semester 🙂


New Years Eve in New York with some of my friends.

Anyways, before even starting my story I wanna wish everyone a Happy New Year! It is 2014 already, can you believe that? I feel like 2013 passed waaaaaay too fast. But oh well, time flies and it is in our own hands to make the best out of it.

For years and years I have been always been about New Years Resolutions but by January 8th I was already tuckered out with some of these resolutions. I’m pretty sure you guys can relate. All my resolutions were pretty similar: eating healthy, doing better in school, going to the gym more often, drinking more H2O, etc. But this year, in 2014, I decided to do things slightly differently. I’m just not going to STRESS about it. About nothing, really. I would let life tear me down and forgot about the amazing things I was surrounded with. Been there, done that. No thank you. This year is going to be different.
On my to-do list I have listed: exploring new cities, going to the museum every now and than, meet someone new every day, and drink less comfort but more adventure.

I actually decided to have a love affair with New York City this semester. I spent the majority of my winter break in NYC and each time I am in this city I just feel the joy of life. There is so much to learn, explore, and to do in New York that I’m actually going to try to get the most out of it before moving all the way to University Park in fall.

Do something crazy this year.  Don’t just go with the flow of your life.  Instead, fall in love with your city, small town or simply the blessings around you. I’m ready for a change- Are you?


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