I hate saying “Goodbye”

Hi everyone!

I hope everyone is enjoying their well-earned break and is relaxing after this chaotic semester. I am still catching on sleep from finals week (or maybe just being lazy?) but Hey! Hard work pays off! I got terrific grades back!

However, as much as I love this time of year, I also dislike it because there is always that one person I need to say Goodbye to. This time it was Emily, or my musica amiga, as she always called me hehe 🙂


Last day with lovely friend Emily!

I still remember the first day I met her.. It was the first day of classes and I walked into my English class and saw Emily sitting in one of the seats. Very quickly we started talking and we realized we were both into the same type of music. Since that day Emily became my concert buddy and went to a couple good concerts together (that’s why she is calling me mi musica amiga). 


At a concert with Emily and my Dutch friends!

Emily is an Art major and really wanted to get into a school in California. She decided to go back to her home country, Korea, and come back to the United States after one semester    ….coming back to California, not Abington 😦

So yesterday me and some friends decided to take her out for dinner for the last time. I’ve learned that goodbyes will always hurt but a farewell is necessary before we can meet again. Once my friend said “Gathering is a fate, and sometimes saying goodbye is a bless of love,” and whenever I say goodbye to someone I think about his words and remember that “goodbye” is just a word.

Never let distance get in the way. Hold on to your friendship for it will be there forever. Real friendships never die, no matter what 🙂


Last dinner in Abington with Emily and the girls (she is the one in the middle).


Being silly with Emily!


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