Snow Days Throughout the Years

A student of any age is always look forward to wintertime for a snow day, but sometimes are snow days the best thing? I remember back when I was in elementary school it was the greatest thing. It was an unexpected day off that was filled with playing in the snow and drinking hot chocolate. My friends and I would play for hours to the point were it would become to dark to see our snowman. Then came high school, snow days changed to a new meaning.

When I was in high school, snow days became a day that we got our work delayed or pushed back. That math test you had or that history paper that was due, the snow day gave you an extra day to do it.  When it came to going outside, it was upsetting that we couldn’t drive because our parents felt the roads were unsafe. At the time it was our job to just disagree with our parents and get upset about not being able to see our friends when we didn’t have school. Then came college though, and snow days again began to have another new meaning.

Snow on campusFrom loving snow days to being upset about them, in college they seem to be bittersweet. This past Tuesday (12/10/13) we had a snow day and if it was any other day in the semester I wouldn’t have mind as much, except this was the last Tuesday of the semester. The last of my classes prior to exams and the final chance to get your work in, but because they canceled classes, teachers had to adjust. So my snow day ended up being spent as an extra study day, which was great while also figuring out what to do with my classes that I missed. Though amongst all of this the idea of snow days came across my mind and how much I miss the days I could just run and play in the snow without a care. I assume it is all in growing up.


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