We Are The World!

Hello my beautiful Penn Staters!!

November is a time when Americans are thankful and celebrate with family and friends. Most of you guys are probably back home and are enjoying the quality time with their families but not everyone is that lucky, like the International students. A lot of them are away from their families and are celebrating Thanksgiving on their own or with other international students that are on the same boat. International students are such a blessing and we should take a second and thank them for making our campus an even more brighter place!


We have about 100+ International students at Penn State Abington. These students come from all over the world; Romania, Turkmenistan, China, Japan, Russia, Singapore, and the list goes on. There is even a club called ICA (International Cultural Alliance) that represents the international students on our campus. However, even though this club represents international students, it is open for EVERYONE! Aren’t we all international? The only difference is that the US is not the permanent address for some of us. We all come from different backgrounds/cultures and we all have something interesting to learn from each other!

Nice outing to Philadelphia with some of the international students!

As an International Student, I joined this club about a year ago and I LOVE IT! We celebrate each other’s birthday, we have our monthly game nights, we go and explore new places, we plan fun outings, but most importantly.. WE ARE a family!

Thanksgiving dinner with Ana and Andy!

Game night + Movi’s birthday with these amazing people!

Another Birthday!
(PS: the birthday boy has cake on his face :D)

Together at the museum in front of the Liberty Bell.

The whole point of this picture was to get a pic with the liberty bell, but oh well, we tried…

Bowling night!

By the way, the reason I am putting this picture up is because this was my first strike in the US! I think it is a historical moment hehe 🙂

A shot at the Love Park!

PS: Did you guys know that the “O” in LOVE is oblique because love is not perfect? So the statue of love isn’t perfect either.

This last picture isn’t taken at Penn State. It is a picture taken at a different institution where I got my English As A Second Language course done. The girl in this picture, Dal, was my roommate back then. She was my very first Asian friend and because all we had was each other, we became very close friends. The face-to-face connections and relationship building was vital for breaking down stereotypes and build a friendship that lasts a lifetime. Dal introduced me to Asian people and believe it or not, the majority of my friends consists of Asians now, haha.
So be open for new cultures and different people. You never know what you’ll get out of it 🙂

Have a GREAT Thanksgiving and stay warm! Because its ffffff-rrreeezing!!!


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