Thinking about my Family . . .

Thinking about my Family . . .

(From Left to Right with relation in parentheses) Marian Lawless (aunt), Lisa Nash (cousin), Tanai Nash (cousin), Stella Nash (aunt), Mary Lawless (nana), Sheila McCoy (mam/mom/mother), and in the stroller Hollie Kinsella (cousin)

When people ask me who or what I miss most being here I would say my family, even though I know I have ways of communication (FaceTime, text messages, and old fashion snail mail). But, then again I am happy to say I have an international family, I am one of the few student who have family no too far away and I have friends close by that have become part of my family. I do love being here, but sometimes it does get hard because I’m not in the area where I am most familiar with. But, that’s when I begin to realise how what make those areas special is the people there and the memories they hold.

Recently, I got to see not only my Mam (mom or mother for other words) but my Nana, my aunts, and my cousins. I got the amazing experience of meeting some that I never knew before! And looking back on the experience I realised in that one day the amount of memories I have made throughout London and how this place really isn’t that strange and unfamiliar. I can’t believe the experiences I have had here with my family and the friends that I would call a part of my family.


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