“A Week with the iPhone 5C” (A Very Short & Biased Summary of the iPhone 5C by an iPhone User)

I’m back again with another biased review, this time with a brand new iPhone 5C! (I know you all love my biased Apple behavior, don’t lie).

I was due for an upgrade for the longest time, probably since Moses was given the first tablets (pun intended), and man, I’ve got to say, I love this phone. Here are a few things I’ve liked about the phone (I put the word “liked” in italics because, I’m biased, I like everything about the phone, and because these are “likes” that you can say about probably every smartphone out there, flagship or not). So be prepared to dive into some Apple-fan madness.

So I’ve had my iPhone 4 for about 3 years, and thus it was getting pretty laggy and slow before the time I upgraded; first thing I noticed with the 5C was:


The 5C, just like any new phone, was super responsive to my touch, and that could be (most likely is) because it’s a brand new phone, and a big upgrade, but hey, worth the mention. I haven’t noticed yet any lagginess between different tasks, such as switching between apps, multi-tasking, etc.

Pretty responsive.

Apple Maps.

Wow, I mean, I’m impressed with the update to Maps. Maps is significantly better then with the version I’ve used before, and although I can’t tell if it’s a serious contender with Google Maps, it’s definitely getting there. The combination of Siri and Maps is the best thing I’ve seen as a matter of fact (for example, I can say “take me to Dad’s Work”, and boom, 2 seconds later you’re being guided to your destination).

Maps isn’t bad at all

Hardware (Plastic)

Don’t be turned off by the plastic, it’s amazing. (That came out wrong, just…keep reading…). I had my doubts when I first saw the plastic 5C, and didn’t really consider getting one until I learned more about it later. But, I’ve gotta say, the plastic part of this phone is beautiful; it’s to the point where you wouldn’t really be able to tell there is plastic on the phone at all. Even the buttons are nice! There is really no comparison when you match hardware between Apple and almost any other phone out there. Apple crafts their products so tightly and beautifully, it’s hard not to be impressed when handling with their devices. In other words, Apple’s plastic, beats other phones’ steel and aluminum (I’m talking to you, Samsung).

Not my hand. Don’t mind the plastic. (Source: Jay Yarow Business Insider)


Now, I’m not the biggest battery hog out there, so I haven’t done extensive research on how the battery performs, but it isn’t that bad. Could be better for sure.

Contradicting photo of iPhone battery


Sound is crystal clear on this baby. The first phone call I made left me doing some double-takes at the speaker quality. I don’t know, maybe it’s just my ears.

Really good sound

Really good sound


I guess what wins here most is software-over-hardware, because there haven’t been that many hardware changes between the 4, 5 etc. iOS 7 basically brought a whole new phone to users’ devices, and it’s good that the hardware integrates well with the software.

iOS 7 for the win

iOS 7 for the win


I’m actually very surprised 5C sales aren’t doing as well as the 5S sales. True, the 5C is only $99 cheaper (on contract), but it’s not a bad phone. I guess it goes to show most people go big or go home. Regardless, I love the 5C, and I’m looking forward to Apple’s October 22nd iPad Event to see what they announce next (hey look, an even slimmer iPad!).

So what do you think of the 5C?

Hey, at least Apple isn’t in Blackberry’s shoes right now. Poor guy.

poor dude

bye-bye Blackberry


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