Pink! Pink! Pink!

Most people are aware that October is the month for Breast Cancer Awareness! Thanks to organizations like Susan G.

In honor of PinkTober, the Colon Cancer Alliance encourages women to Screen their bums as well as their breasts!  "Think Pink, Go Blue!"

In honor of PinkTober, the Colon Cancer Alliance encourages women to Screen their bums as well as their breasts! “Think Pink, Go Blue!”

Komen Foundation and  The National Breast Cancer Foundation, Breast Cancer is now a widely known about and highly supportive group of people who want to fight the disease of Cancer!

But, what most people don’t know…. that I died my hair pink this month to get attention for Colon Cancer. My father is a survivor of stage IV colorectal cancer, diagnosed when he was only 39 years old. Although it was very serious and hard to deal with, I learned a lot about my self and my family in those months we were planning his death. The doctors, however, got it wrong. He survived and because of the chance fate handed us, I am very proactive in my support. I think its dire that even though the majority of cancer patients are in their 50s, there are more and more patients who are younger adults. And here’s the problem with young adults (myself included), we believe we’re invincible. Nothing bad will ever happen to us! We take risks, we are adventurers! How many of your friends say “YO LO”? Mine do.

We’ve got the world at our feet and we aren’t worried about later; later will get here… later. But its important we start realizing how our actions today impact tomorrow. I’m no poster child of good behavior and healthy eating…. I love a big mac, and who can pass up a drink every now in then? (I mean, I just turned 21, I wanna finally go to the bars!!). Its not about being perfect, but getting your colon screened is only a few hours out of your day, and you are unconscious.

Here's my Pink (and slightly blue) Hair!! :) "Think Pink, Go Blue!"

Colon Cancer is one of (if not the most) preventable cancers out there…. they find a polyp, remove it, you’re clean for another 5 years! No surgery, no pain, no problem! Just do it!!

And why is October now pinktober? Well, most people do not realize that colon cancer is the second leading cancer in women. And again, if screened early enough, 100% curable. Even if a tumor is found, beginning colon tum

Show love to your tatas and bum!!

PS. Blue is the color of colon cancer, and colon cancer awareness month is in March!!

PPS. If you would like to find out more information about Colon Cancer or Breast Cancer and PINKTOBER! I’ve included some links at the bottom of this page.


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