An iPhone User’s Very Short & Biased Summary on iOS

Like many others who have an iPhone, you probably downloaded the most recent OS update from Apple, iOS 7. I definitely did; as soon as I got home, I plugged in my refurbished iPhone 4, and let that baby update…for three and a half hours. I have an old phone, so it took longer to update than the newer ones, but the wait was worth it. Hold on though, let’s backtrack a bit. For those who don’t know about iOS 7 or who have a different phone (yes, I’m talking to my Android users here as well), here’s a small summary I’ve come up with:

iOS is the operating system (the apps, theme, the colors, the user interface, etc.) on Apple’s iPhones, iTouches, iPads, almost all their i-devices. The OS stands for operating system; what the i stands for is debatable, some say it stands for internet, some say it stands for intelligence, all I know is that it is an iconic name for the software on most of Apple’s devices. Before iOS 7, there was iOS 6, and before that there was iOS 5 and so on and so forth.

iOS 6, with all the glossiness, and realistic-ness that comes with skeuomorphism.

iOS 6, with all the glossiness, and realistic-ness that comes with skeuomorphism.

From the very first iOS to iOS 6, there was a thing about the design that people either loved or hated: skeuomorphism (big word, I know, took me a couple times to even pronounce it right). Basically what it means is that whenever something digital, such as on your phone, is designed so it resembles something in real life, it’s skeuomorphic. Apple’s old iOS’s were rocked with skeuomorphism: the Notes app looked like an actual Notes pad, the Calculator app had realistic-looking buttons, even the GameCenter app had felt and leather to resemble a pool table. In my personal opinion, I liked the design, really didn’t have a problem with it, but most people had moved on and wanted Apple to move with them. And so, the mastermind of the skeuomorphistic (is that even a word?) design, Scott Forstall, was booted out, and replaced with the man who designed the iPhone itself, Sir Jonathan Ive. And with Jony leading the new design for iOS, Ive and his team introduced iOS 7 to the world: a cleaner, more simpler, operating system, with tons of new features.

iOS 7, a much more cleaner, minimalistic, simpler design.

iOS 7, a much more cleaner, minimalistic, simpler design.

iOS 7, in my opinion, is amazing. Call me biased, but going from two and a half years of iOS 4, 5 and 6 to iOS 7 is a very big change and perhaps long overdue. It proves Apple isn’t some old rocker, but is flexible and can be just as innovative as when they first started; that’s what they’ve done with iOS 7. And honestly, I don’t think they could have done a better job. What do you think?*

*Responses from Android owners not encouraged.


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