Science Addiction


Research on Micro-Environments on Neo-Tropical Birds in Gamboa, Panama

So it has been one hectic and crazy first three weeks of school! Being a senior, most of my classes were in full swing the first day of classes with no warm ups or welcomes. We’re all sitting in room 313 Woodland, waiting for our syllabuses to be handed out and hearing what we already know is coming: “It wont be easy and you’re going to need to put a lot of work into passing this class”. Welcome to your senior year as a Science Student. And it has been nothing less than that. I’ve been reading at least 10-15 pages of textbook, solving incredible amounts of physics equations, writing note cards, and just trying to remember to stop and eat. This is usually when I ask myself, “WHY??! Why do I want to do this major!? There are so many things that would be easier if I’d just switched two years ago.”


Research on Manatee Habitat in Bocas del Toro, Panama

Well this is why…

Every time I’m outside, I look at the trees and I breathe in the air, my mind is at peace. I love it. I’m 100% in my element, whether (like this week) its 90 degrees and humid, or if its raining and chilly, or even when I’m walking through snow drifts and freezing. I am completely content outside. My mind then goes to wonder about processes and the environment. I remember all those science classes I’ve taken and apply them to what I’m seeing and feeling at that moment, again completely natural.


Diving in Reefs of Bocas del Torro, Panama

I also have taken some time in the last week or so to notice my reactions when younger students ask me my major and why I would want to struggle through it. Many of them I know are even questioning their own fields of study, and want to understand why I stuck it out. It’s my passion. I’ve noticed that science; animals, environments and ecosystems are what I have passion for. I noticed first when interviewing someone to be my roommate. There’s so much information that I have stored in the special part of my brain, where I can ramble for hours about topics of conservation and issues and problems with the world today. I’ve realized how much I want improvement and protection and knowledge of these topics too.

So why do I do it?

…. Because I have to. Science is my addiction.


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