Did school really start already?

Me and some of my friends at Penn State.

Me and some of my friends at Penn State.

The phrase “back to school” always evoked a mixture of both fear and excitement in me. The day before school starts a lot of questions wander around in my head… Would I suffer from hours of homework again? Am I going to have nice teachers? Would I still have to get up as early as last year? What fantastic summer vacation stories would my friends return with? How did everyone change over the summer?

But for some reason I felt differently this time. I had the same question marks in my head but the excitement wasn’t there anymore. That feeling of excitement and joy had replaced itself with sadness and disappointment. I just couldn’t understand why…

My first class of the semester was HIST002 at 10am. And while the teacher was enthusiastically going over the syllabus I was trying to figure out why I was feeling like this. And then all of the sudden I realized it didn’t have a specific reason. It was a mixture of feelings.
I was sad because I had to wait a full year to see my friends back again. I was disappointed the summer was over and I was back in school again. After an amazing summer I just wasn’t ready for homework, tests, and stress.

At 10:50 my history class ended and I walked to the Lares cafeteria to see my friends. And the second I saw them something interesting happened… I felt the same excitement as I did before! I remembered how much I love my school and that I have amazing friends at Abington. Maybe I just had to see them?

Outcome of a positive attitude (first quiz).

Outcome of a positive attitude (first quiz).

I guess all I needed to do was facing the truth. I wasn’t in the Netherlands anymore, the Fall semester had started, the quizzes and exams were coming, and I was going to have stress, but one thing I knew was that the price of success was hard work. I truly believe that you get out of life whatever you put into it. It’s funny how by just changing my attitude I got back into the school flow and I actually got A’s in my first 2 quizzes.

It was stupid to think that his semester was any different than the others. It isn’t. The summer was just too long 🙂


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