When Pictures Outnumber Memories

Times Square in New York City

Times Square in New York City

So the other day I went to Times Square for the first time with my family. Talk about the City that Never Sleeps, man, that place was jam-packed with people, lights, oddly-dressed movie characters, the whole deal, and I loved it. As we started to walk and take in the sights, I noticed my cousin rapidly snapping pictures here and there with his smartphone. See a bright moving billboard? *Snap*. Badly-costumed Mario? *Snap*. And then…I pondered.

I pondered, what memories were really about. Don’t get me wrong … I’m a culprit as well. I’ve snapped pictures in a sort of take-the-place-with-you type scramble too. But can you remember the last time you actually went through all the photos you’ve taken at a certain place? Let’s say you do, can you remember the actual time spent there? Every step you made there, the time spent with your family? Or are those memories replaced with pictures and videos?


Me in a huge Toys”R”Us in Times Square with my cousins.

See, I realized that in order to take in that wonderful feeling of being in one of the greatest cities in the world, I didn’t have to snap a couple hundred photos, that if these images weren’t kept on my phone, then I would miss out and forget them.

The memory is happening, you’re there, so cherish it! Don’t let the pictures you take become your memories. Let the memories happen first.

There are only 5 pictures of Neil Armstrong when he first walked on the moon. Five. But that event is known as one of the most remarkable events in the history of mankind.

Put that into perspective.


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