On Sundays I wake up to … Soccer.

Many of you guys probably wonder what I mean by this title.  Well, let me clarify this…


FC Barcelona is one of my dad’s favorite teams.

(Almost) every sunday I wake up to the yelling voice of the soccer announcer on TV  that goes nuts. On top of his voice I hear my dad yelling, screaming, making comments, and in the meantime I hear him explaining the game to my little brother.

Being from Europe, soccer is passion in our family. We gather together and watch important matches. We all love soccer but my dad takes it to another level… He is a true soccer fan, or hooligan (I don’t know what to call him anymore). Sometimes I’m really scared that he is going to get a heart attack while watching one of these games. Erma Bombeck once said, “If a man watches three football games in a row, he should be declared legally dead.” I think this explains my dad in once sentence.

Anyways, my dad supports the soccer team named Galatasaray. Mostly on sundays, the European football channel is streaming Galatasaray’s soccer game on TV, live.  And because Europe is approximately 6 hours ahead of us, their 4pm, is our 10am. So what happens is; My dad watches the game here in the US in the morning. Which = NO SLEEP FOR ME.

my brother

My little brother watching the game in his football shirt. So father, so son.

Last Sunday was one of these days again. Galatasaray was playing against Arsenal for the Emirates Cup 2013. At the end of the match Galatasaray won and they  got the cup. You guys are probably guessing what happened… Our house turned to a complete hell. My dad was screaming and yelling out of happiness, so did my little brother, and so did the soccer announcer on TV (who became a part of the family, btw).

Thanks god I’m not living at home during the semester, THANKS GOD!

PS: I was supporting Arsenal (my dad doesn’t know).


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