The Journey

Okay ya’ll get ready, because here we go! I will give you daily updates of my Study Abroad experience, to Panama. Here and Now.

Day 0: Before I get there

newark_airportSo yesterday, I traveled late in the evening, (I’m talking really late, like 9pm) to my hometown airport in Jacksonville. Although JAX airport is International, its still pretty small. There’s only 30 gates or so, and my flight was the last one out for the night. The place was empty, and as far as gift/food shops… Forget it. Anyway, my flight was delayed (there were storms in North Carolina, where my connection was…), so I didn’t arrive to N.C. until around 1am. There, I had to sprint to my connection (Thank goodness it was delayed also, but only barely, they were just about to shut the doors when I got there. Its really awkward being the last one on the plane… haha.) When I finally arrived in Newark, New Jersey, where I’ll meet my new class to head to Panama, it was about 2:30am. Somehow, this huge airport was practically empty. Besides all the people waiting by the luggage racks with me, there was really no one here.

Embarrassing Moment of the Night… as I was waiting for my luggage to go around the carousel, I noticed it comes out from the back. (My luggage is bright red, duffle-style, and hard to miss.) Instead of rushing and pushing (like almost everyone else), I decided to wait for it to just come around. Then all of a sudden this older guy comes and takes my bag! For real? I need my stuff, I’m leaving the country for nearly 3 weeks, I need my clothes and SOAP!! So, I run (as fast as one can run at 2:30) after him to get my bag back. I catch up, and try to grab the bag from him, loudly saying “Sir, that’s mine!!”….Turns out, we have the same suitcase. It was his. Oops. Mine came around the carousel about 3 minutes later.

Now I’m just sitting in the airport waiting to see anyone who looks like they might be apart of Penn State. The airport is busy, so best of luck to me. haha. I hope I don’t look too helpless after spending the night sleeping in the airport. I cant wait for a shower! I also cant wait to be on my next flight and on my way to Panama!!

Keep in Touch!!

If you’re interested in my trip, (or if you wish to sign up for one yourself) I’ve included the CHANCE website here.


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