Call me the Crockpot Queen!!

crock pot

My Crock Pot Creation! (it goes really great as a chili/soup, as well as its a really great chip dip or inside a taco)

…Okay, okay, so maybe I’m just the princess. But have you ever used a Crockpot? Its seriously one of the best inventions since the fork!! I love mine, and well, this week, my roommates. I was feeling a bit inspired (thanks to my handy dandy Pinterest) and decided to actually make one of the hundreds of recipes on my profile! And lucky for me, it was actually super easy and I had all the ingredients in my fridge.  (Except for the black beans, but I just bought those a the little grocery right outside my apartment.)

So anyway, back to my Crockpot! All I did was throw in some frozen chicken (still frozen!), salsa, black beans, a can of corn, and an entire container of cream cheese. To make it a little more “Colleen-esque” I added some leftover mushrooms and some diced tomato. (PS. I love mushrooms and add them to most things…) But that was it. I just let it sit for six and a half hours and it was ready for eating! And eat it did I!! It was delicious!

I could take some of the credit, but for real, it was the Crockpot! It did all the work, and I would suggest any college student to get one! It’s an addition for any college kitchen! Just throw in what your cooking, go to class, when you get back its ready for eating… it’s the magic food machine!

**Please note:  The Crockpot is not allowed in dorm rooms without kitchens, and it is highly recommended not to leave the Crockpot ON unattended for extended periods of time.


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