I’m in Tallahassee

Colleen bowlingOne of the wonderful things about taking a summer break (and having a totally supportive backbone of friends and family) is the adventures you get to have! This week, I’m visiting the Florida Capital as well as Florida State University as I “move in” with my long term boyfriend, Michael. So far, I’m learning what its like to live with roommates, what its like on a campus much bigger than my own, and remember what its like to go bowling with shoes that are too big! 🙂

Most out-of-staters know what it is like to experience a new apartment with new roommates… Well, not me. Since I have Gracie (my four legged companion), getting a roommate always seemed to make my move even that much more complicated. (And when I was given an opportunity to live where I do now, looking for a roommate really didn’t seem necessary.) So, here I am, not only living with my boyfriend (which can be a challenge in itself, I guess only time will tell…); I’m also living with two other girls, Gracie, and Mike’s friends down the hall. Things could get complicated. So far however, I’m absolutely loving it! Its only day two, but we’re already seeming to have a blast, which leads to the next part of this blog…

BOWLING!! (I had a few other adventures today, including rearranging my new apartment, adjusting to sharing Gracie, and eating some really great chinese food; but those ones I’ll save for later…)

Today I went bowling! I realized that no matter where or what college you choose, we all have the same issues and most of us enjoy the same things… Having fun with each other! College rivalries, bad publicity, good publicity, and every little thing in between really don’t seem to matter over a slightly completive game of bowling…. (Did I mention the Penn Stater won?!) Hahah. Just kidding. But I was humbled to know that when the group was talking about life and getting comfortable with one another, we all have the same worries and problems, and its our friends that really get us through it. I think its important not to forget that…


One of the games I won! 😉


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