Summer! Summer! Summer!


Gracie on the beach, watching the waves.


Gourmet Cupcakes from LuLi’s Cupcakes in Historic St. Augustine! (Can you say YUUMMMM!!?)


My boyfriend, Michael and I hanging out on the beach with Gracie

Sigh. What an insane two weeks it has been!! I don’t know about everyone else, but I’m sure feeling the “THANK GOODNESS for SUMMER!!” vibe today! After a long stressful Finals week, seeing some of my great friends graduate (and celebrate with them), then packing up, flying on an airplane with Gracie, layovers and security lines, starting my summer class (only 48 more days until PANAMA!), and going to the eye doctor, it surely has been one busy, stressful, and well worth it two week build up to FINALLY FINALLY being home!

Today, for the first time in about two years, I went to the beach! It was awesome! Having a hometown in Florida most definitely has its perks, especially when they include a relaxing drive through St. Augustine to a beach on a warm, cloud free, cool breezy summer Thursday. (Did I mention no one else is out of school yet, so I had the whole beach to myself?) It was awesome!! I worked on my tan, played fetch with my little four-legged friend, and then enjoyed gourmet cupcakes and vanilla ice cream in the old historic district. It was great!

Next week I’ll be picking up and traveling to Tallahassee to live with my boyfriend of 4 years, exploring Florida State University, and learning how to live with a roommate who doesn’t have four legs and a tail. I’ll keep you posted! 🙂


Gracie and I enjoying some sand, sun, and summer breeze!


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