Lights, Camera, ACTION!



Opening night is always rough for a show. After doing stage managing for four years I have a little experience with this. There is the pre-show jitters, the last minute fixes and of course there is always that one prop no one can seem to find but somehow ended up in the same dimension as Dracula and Big Foot. There is a stillness that occurs just before I give the curtain speech. I take a moment to allow myself to take it all in. We are putting on a performance, we are trying to relay a message. This time we are trying to discuss the issue of racism through the play To Kill A Mockingbird, and while this is an old play unfortunately these themes still exist. Through this medium of performance, we are able to give our protest to injustices that go on in the world there are many people involved that can give their help to further the cause. Opening night was a success thanks to all those involved, we shall see how the rest of the shows go!


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