I Will Miss You

Once again Penn State is where one meets great people from different backgrounds. If you feel different then you will find someone who is more different and unique. What matters is we all blend our uniqueness and provide a diversified environment for our university where our academic and social aspirations flourish.

Sufyan EmineEmine you are one of the nicest I have met here in Abington and you have brought so much joy and happiness to my life within a very short period of time. You are smart, friendly, helpful and most of all unselfish. Academically, you have offered me and others help and socially even better. Your smart managerial skills and endowment was timely and very effective in my campaign for running for SGA vice president. I am glad to have had someone like you on my campaign team. Together we planned, organized, coordinated, controlled, monitored and displayed to Abington a splendid campaign which yielded an ultimate victory. I am glad you would be investing some of these qualities in the SGA next semester. It would be needed and appreciated.

As you get ready to go back to your home country the Netherlands, I wish you the best and I believe you have been missed there as we here in Abington will miss you too. Take things easy and I wish you good luck on something I believe only me and maybe few others know. You surely know what I am talking about. Keep in touch and hope next semester will be much better than this exciting one.


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