Family Walks

ImageI love Saturdays like this one: sunny, breezy, relaxing. It makes it so much easier to take a moment in a busy week, to just breathe. It is also times like these that make me miss my family and my home. I’d love to share the warm weather and sunshine out on my mother’s backyard swing and drink a can of cold Sprite she bought just for me, or dip my feet in my father’s pool as we laugh at the dogs’ jumping in and out of the water.

So to take my mind off of it, I took my little family and went for a walk. No one, and I mean no one, loves to walk more than Gracie. As soon as I take the leash and halter out of her basket, there’s no peace in the house.

dogShe’s barking, and running, and squeaking her ball until that halter is clipped into place and we are safely out the door. Usually after about two minutes of tugging on the leash, we can both enjoy the walk. She sniffs every rock and road sign, and puts her face in the grass. I feel the breeze run through my hair and let all thoughts run through my mind. It makes for the perfect Saturday.

And after a nice walk… what could be better than a nap in the sunshine?


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