“Its the Most Wonderful Time of the Year”


Angela Plachekov and Dr. Ryan Fox at ACURA Poster Fair

Ahhh… April.

It’s hard to imagine, but the busiest month of the year is already in full swing, and I’m definitely feeling it this week along with the wonderful weather. Besides the hectic rush to get through our last few moments of classes before summer officially starts, April is a HUGE month for anyone involved on campus. This past week the campus had our annual ACURA fair where students showcase their undergrad research projects and the annual Nittany Ball. (Sadly this was the first year I was unable to attend either, because of a terrible stomach virus that’s going around. A word to the wise, get some vitamin C and wash your hands!) Next week will continue to be frantic as professors assign their last tests and projects before finals, as well as Blue & White Day, which is Saturday. Then the following Monday is the start of Spring Fest! After that its just a hop and skip for me; I have finals, I’ll say my congrats to my graduating friends, then head back home to Florida for summer.

April is always a reminder to me of all the wonderful things about college: The blessings and the burdens. Even though there is always so much going on and I wont be able to catch my breath until May is half over, I love how much everyone comes together this time of year. As a science major, all of my fellow science geeks really get together to cram for our finals and finish up labs. As a production member, the team builds up to get through our long list of events and really laugh the whole way through it. And as a student, I love volunteering with all of the other programming members to have so much fun at Spring Fest and provide the same for other students. I think April is the time when you really see how much of a family Abington truly is. I’m lucky to be a part of it!


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