I haven’t been this embarrassed for a long time …

I am one of these types that changes her purse if it doesn’t fit to her outfit that day. This is not always convenient since you have to put everything out of purse 1 into purse 2. Two nights ago, I went out with friends and picked out a little purse that only fits my cellphone/cards/money etc. I took my money&credit card out of my wallet and put it into the little purse.

Last night, I went to the local bookstore to study for the upcoming exams. While studying, I got really hungry and decided to run into a restaurant nearby and take something out to eat. The restaurant was packed and a lot of people stood in line to order their food. I was starving! When it was finally my turn to order,  I ordered a big burrito with chicken and was getting more and more hungry while I was watching the girl preparing my food. After she wrapped my burrito into an aluminum foil, she gave it to the guy behind to register so I could pay him. He said “$6.78 please” and I grabbed my wallet, opened it, and here it comes…… my money&credit card were still in my little purse!!!

ImageSo there I was, standing with no money, and embarrassed as hell! I apologized a thousand times to him and said that he had to save my burrito and that I will be back in a few minutes. While I was talking to him I was already walking to the door to get home and grab my money, but he was laughing and told me to come back. I walked back and he said “I’m the manager here, I got you, it is fine, enjoy your burrito.” He had already printed out the receipt with $0 as total. Well, in normal circumstances, I appreciate free food, but this one was not even enjoyable!!

I don’t know why I did it, but instead of walking out immediately, I sat down and finished my burrito there. I felt like I was homeless and didn’t have any money to pay for my food. This was the worst burrito I had in my whole life!!!

Lesson I have learned: I will check my wallet every single time I walk out the door.


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