Being an international student is not always easy!

ImageAs an international student, you may be having many friends back home, know many people who can help you out when you need, or have your family there who will always support you. Now you are in a completely new environment, and need to solve all problems by yourself since you don’t know anyone here – it is definitely a big difference.  It’s very important to understand what kind of visa related restrictions they’re going to face and how to get work authorizations to work in the U.S.

Currently, I am on E2 visa, but I have to change it to a F1-visa (student visa) because if I don’t do that, I can’t enter the US again in August. I am leaving in May to the Netherlands so I already started to procedure for a change of visa. Since I don’t have ANY experience with dealing with all these complicated issues, a friend, who is an attorney, had to help me. His office is in Jersey City so I had to see him as soon as possible.

On Thursday, I woke up at 6am, drove to Jersey City in HORRIBLE TRAFFIC, completed my visa stuff, drove back to school, and almost immediately attended a quiz at 3pm for my STAT200 class. Then I had to study for my Math quiz which was at 7:30pm. At 8:30pm I can’t remember how I drove back home, took a shower, and dragged myself to my bed. I was knocked out. It was a challenging and loooong day. But Hey! At least, I accomplished everything I had to do that day!

PS: To all who are not international students – please be happy you don’t have to deal with all these!! It is so frustrating!


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