ACURA project nearing a conclusion!

We are in the final push of making our ACURA poster.  Right now we have our template decided on, it is just a matter of deciding on the specifics of the poster: which pictures do we put where, what its caption should be, how big do we want this picture?  In short, we are basically at the easy part of the project.  Our research is complete at this point and we believe we have found some solid evidence to support our claim that there must have been social structure in the society of those who built Stonehenge in Neolithic England.  It would have been impossible, we feel, for them to accomplish everything they did without it!


This project has been great fun and really is the culmination of 18 months of work with Mr. Polk.  I am also proud to say that all of the pictures that will be used in our poster, except for one diagram, were taken by me on our two different trips to England.  After we finish the final touches on our poster, all that’s left is to present it at the ACURA Poster Presentation in April!



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