My Long Distance Friendship

Emine SkypeHi, guys! This is me and my friend Skyping today. As you see, we are wearing the same shirt, the shirt we bought together, and the shirt we chose to wear just today without talking to each other! How coincidental?

Nadima has been my best friend for 7 years now. She lives in the Netherlands but is currently settled in England to complete her internship abroad. Nothing was as hard as saying goodbye to my soul mate and leaving her behind, but we had promised each other one thing: We would ALWAYS keep in touch!

And we held our promises. Every now and then we call each other and tell each other what is new is our lives. There have been stressful exams, boyfriend issues, family issues, vacations, weddings, illnesses, death, financial problems, holidays, blizzards, hurricanes, perfect summer days and quiet moments in which we still found plenty to say. We have shared opinions, secrets, tears and laughter. We have texted each other everything from dressing room photos requesting fashion advice to pictures of boys we might go out with (for advice of course :D).

Emine friendWe have supported, encouraged, advised, and even gently set each other straight when necessary. But you know what? Those freaking miles and that stupid ocean between us were not strong, or big enough, to part us. Our friendship was stronger!

We have come to accept that we can’t be there for one another, but we will always be here for each other. Long distance friendship isn’t easy, but it’s worth sustaining a million times over.


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