20130310-162257.jpg. (Lion from Trafalgar Square)

London, a mix of history and modern marvels. We went there on Friday and there was so much to do that it was nearly impossible to figure out where we wanted to go first. There was Parliament Square, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and so much more. For me, I went to the Sherlock Holmes museum with some friends. It had been two years of me trying to get there, and it was worth it. I did not know where to look first. For any Sherlockian, like me, it was incredible how detailed the fictional detective’s rooms were re-created. On the third floor, there were wax representations from the stories. This was an experience I will never forget and even helped me with my Honors thesis. There was also a trip to the London Eye, the Household Calvary Museum and we toured Westminster Abbey. All in all, the tourism was jaw-dropping and just something I will never forget. It was truly amazing for one day to act like a complete tourist and learn all about what makes England as unique and historical as it is.




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