Hello Spring Break!


Today, I woke up to the sunshine in my own bed at my parents’ house. It felt amazing to be home again. My parents live in Quakertown, and I live close to Penn State Abington. Its not a too long ride, but recently I haven’t had the time to visit my family. Btw, waking up to the sunshine is one of the things that makes my day already. The sunshine in the morning makes me feel like the day is going to be more exciting.

This is my first spring break. It feels better than Christmas break. Maybe it is the weather or maybe it is knowing that you will see your friends in less than two months. Namely, in about two months I’m going to do a little trip from Istanbul to England and from England to the Netherlands. I’m so excited to see everyone again!!

Anyway, I started my spring break pretty good. On Saturday, I went to Washington DC for a surprise birthday party. The birthday girl, Emily, was very surprised after turning the lights on and seeing 20 people in her living room yelling “SURPRISE!!”. It was a good night. I made new friends and even met someone who speaks Turkish like me. Jennifer is American but is studying Turkish politics purely out of interest. She visited Turkey before and was pretty fluent in Turkish. While we were exchanging Turkish words, we were exposed to weird looks. It was funny to speak Turkish with an American girl but this is, again, how diverse America is.

The next morning, me and my friend, drove back to Philadelphia because I had to be in New York before 8pm because I was going to attend the concert of Swedish House Mafia! At 1pm we were in Willow Grove and almost immedImageiately I took the train to Philly. From Philly, I caught the bus to Manhattan and from Manhattan I took the train to the Barclays Center. The stadium was huge and packed. The concert was sold out because this is Swedish House Mafia’a last tour. I was so glad to experience this amazing concert.

Also, last week, February the 23th, I went to DJ Tiesto’s concert in Philly. He is one of my favorite. Tiesto is from Breda, which is 10 minutes from the city I’m from (this is, of course, not the reason I love him). It was a good concert and I totally enjoyed, especially when I saw the Dutch flag swinging in the crowd!


My first days of spring break were very eventful, but I’m taking it easy now and enjoying my family time. Unfortunately, it is time to finish some assignments now. Yes I know! Even though we have vacation we still have to do schoolwork. I guess it is our faith… BLEH!


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