To shoot or not to shoot?


Today CRIMJ 499 went to the Suthampstead Police Training College to learn about the differences in police ideology and training. One of the biggest difference is there is no use of guns by the British citizens. England banned household use of weapons in the mid 1990s meanwhile the United States has the 2nd Amendment and is allowed to possess them. Rifles and shotguns are allowed for hunting and shooting, however the government is very strict on who gets to have the license. The constables generally go unarmed and only a select unit actually are trained in firearms. At the Thames Valley Training Center where we visited, they go through various scenarios in which one can shoot a gun. The circumstances where (in the field) the officers can shoot is narrowly defined. It has to be a very serious situation where one is in imminent and life threatening danger. If it is believed that the officers had fired and did not have reason, then they can go to prison.

Some of us were able to participate in one of the simulations and if I was a constable…I would be in prison. Just saying.




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