Leaving this Friday!

I am less than a week away from flying out to England!


This Friday night Professor Polk’s Religious Studies 297A – Studies of Neolithic Stone Circles in Southwest England class will be boarding a flight at Philadelphia Airport before landing in London the next morning.  The trick for us on this red-eye flight is to stay up the entirety of the first day so we do not have to face any of the side-effects of jet lag.

I can’t wait to set foot in the UK and get working on the hands-on segment of this ACURA project with Mr. Polk and his British Colleague, Julian Richards, who is one of the premier experts on British Anthropology.

We get to meet with Julian on the day we go inside Stonehenge as a class. It is a great experience for all, for it is not every day that students are given the chance to be taught by two experts in a field of study while using that field’s Holy Grail as the classroom.  Amazing enough, that is the exact treatment we will be getting when we are within Stonehenge next week.


I have been doing some last minute reading in preparation for the trip and am hoping to finish all of the work I set out to do this week before liftoff.  This is going to be an awesome experience and I sure as heck don’t want to be burdened by any homework while away!


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