Good Luck THON!

thonWhile everyone is gearing up for THON weekend, I am gearing up for my own event coming up, my trip to England.

As I watch the Facebook statuses about FTK and dancing, I sit here reflecting on the student body as a whole. We are a unique bunch of students here at Abington. We have the traditional students who start college right out of high school. We have those who are coming back for their degree after being in the workforce. We have honor students, athletes, and others highly involved.

One thing that stands out is the fact we are Penn State! The fact that THON is the biggest student run philanthropic organization in the world is just awe-inspiring. The students are dedicated to raising money for charity. Just by talking to our dancers you can see how dedicated they are and how passionate they are for this cause.

So I wish to talk this post to deviate a little from what I normally talk about and wish our THON dancers and our moralers luck during the long 46-hour dance marathon. While I am not going to be there to support you guys, I will be here rooting for you guys here at our home in Abington.



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