Exploring the mysteries of Stonehenge

Three weeks from now I will be in England with Bryan Polk’s class and will be in the thick of my hands-on research about the mysteries of Stonehenge.  Specifically, I am looking for clues as to whether or not the people of Stonehenge had an organized society with rank and structure or a communal society where everybody worked together on a even plane.

StonehengeFor now, I am hitting the library, looking for any signs that could lead me in one direction or another.  I will also be resuming one-on-one meetings with Professor Polk, which we held on a weekly basis during the first semester.

To give some background on what ACURA (Abington College Undergraduate Research Activities) is, it is a year-long research project that allows you to receive 3 total credits (1 in the fall, 2 in the spring).  It allows you to gain invaluable experience working closely with a professor in your field of interest.  After all the research is concluded you organize the results of your hard work into a poster that you display at the Annual Poster Fair in April.  This is an opportunity to show off what you have concluded about your topic.

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