Once My Typical Primary School Classroom

Any time you take a step from one point to the other, just look back and you should realize that you have made a progress. and that makes you even appreciate the progress more. It also makes you sympathize with those in same situation that you were once in before. This is still typical primary school classroom in my home country Ghana. I have personally enrolled in such primary classroom before. Well, you might say this isn’t a classroom but yes it is.


If I look back at this and look at where I am presently, you can imagine how appreciative I will be of the transition and progress. And I would only hope to continue ¬†contributing to providing a better atmosphere for study for this kids. I do contribute in little cash and hope to contribute more when I graduate and get a job someday. Sometimes you endure a pain today in order to gain tomorrow. Maybe If I didn’t sit under trees to study, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to sit under good roof today and study. My educational career is a journey and I believe sitting under trees to study was part of the road. The journey landed me in Penn State and this is not the end of the road. More efforts and accomplishments awaits me respectively as I continue the journey.

If past experiences could motivate one to accomplish more, then I believe my former primary school classroom has motivated me when I looked back. You too should look back and now, and you should find a reason to be appreciative of your current situation. I am motivated to do more to better my life and that of others still living under my former roof. A butterfly may grow strong wings to fly with birds, but that doesn’t make it forget it’s still a butterfly.


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