Global Citizens

CaptureWhile I am excited that I am going back to England, the more scholarly aspect of myself is excited about the learning experience as a whole. While waking up for an 8am class is a task unto itself, it is one that I am willing to complete for a higher purpose, to become a global citizen. This is a term that is a bit of a hot button issue but the sentiment behind it is one that should be implemented.

We should be conscious of other countries and the cultures that are practiced there. If we understand not only the culture but how people live, then we can be a more productive member of society as a whole. This makes for a more harmonious and effective economy for all involved. We can take this step by participating in a class or two. We can take a step further and immerse ourselves in a culture not our own.

I know I started on my journey to become more of a global citizen by immersing myself for a short period of time to the culture of England. Basic understanding and wanting to learn more can make all of us more productive no matter what your major or where you go in life. It only takes a step to create change for a more positive world.¬†Humbling thought, don’t ya think?


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