I am Twenty One (21)

When you are born in a place where record keeping is not effective, and when you are raised by illiterate parents, this kind of inonsistency always surfaces. I had used a wrong birth year for quite a long time due to the fact that my original birth cirtificate was never kept for me to see. My grandmother even gave a wrong birth year to a school head and that marked the beginning of a wrong birth year usage.

The best moment for me to have used to make a remedy was when I won the diversity visa lottery to come live in the U.S permanently. However, what mattered to me and would have mattered to any African of my background was to just come to America. To start such a process and remedy the mistake could have meant not being able to come to America at all due to time factor. Same wrong date had been entered into the lottery system which I won so in order to ensure smooth running of the visa process, the wrong date had to be maintained.

First of all to be in America is a great blessing. I have had more opportunities than ever. And being educated to this level, I have determined to make this correction to reflect my actual age. I had been told by the middle man who facilitated the visa process that if I ever told anyone any birth year different from what is on my passport, which is the wrong birth, I would be deported. Well ,no immigrant wants to ever hear the word “deportation” from America so I had been silent about it. However my family back in Ghana had been working with the registrar of births to secure a correct updated birth certificate. Now that I have it,  I can finally let the cat out of the bag.

When you are born and raised in a developed place like America, you should not take the privilege of simplicity for granted. People see, do, have things at their finger tips whenever they wish to have them. From what I know of America so far, I can say such a mistake is very unlikely to happen here. However, Africa is still a developing place which needs people like my self to take back the knowledge and skills gained to help accelerate development.


One response to “I am Twenty One (21)

  1. I am glad you solved this problem and now able to move on. Great article and an even better message. Keep it up butterfly.


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