I Can See a Brighter Spring 2013

CafeThe number of students I saw on campus today really tells me that spring 2013 will be brighter. As the number was very huge that you barely see an empty seat in the cafeteria. You had to stand or keep wandering looking for empty seats or just stand and have a conversation with friends. It was not even Common Break yet when those seats started filling up.

Maybe it is due to fact that today was the first day of school, and every student wanted to take the opportunity to see the fresh atmosphere since the two week-break after a busy Fall 2012.

I could see both new and current students having a great time with friends and associates. Everyone trying to make the day count; reuniting with old friends and looking at the possibility of making new ones. I could feel readiness and enthusiasm in the words and actions of most students today, despite a dichotomy observed among some students that break was short.

I believe every one enjoyed the day and those who had classes had a great start today. I also hope the new students enjoyed their first day in our beautiful campus. I can’t wait for Involvement Fair tomorrow to get the chance to meet them. Hope the semester goes well for every student:-)


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