Graduation As Motivation

This week’s graduation was really a motivation to me, and to other current students who witnessed it. As the saying goes ” forward ever, backwards never.” To the graduates and their families, it must be a great moment of their lives. I could see the joy and excitement expressed by all graduates through their smiles, interactions, and movement. And even when they walked to the stage to collect their certificates, the joy was enormous.

I believe it’s a motivation to students like me who witnessed the proceedings. I would love to see myself in that position soon. That also means I have to work harder and exemplify good character academically and socially. It also motivates one to take advantage of opportunities while in school. Since they will be gone at some point and one would have missed things that are necessary for facing the world with confidence.

I personally miss the two students with whom I write blogs. It has been a joy and a great privilege reading masterpieces of blogs from Rebecca & Jill. They will be missed but legacies they have left behind will not be missed. In Africa, we say “The sun may shine brighter but it must go for night to come”. We wish them the best as they face the world.


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