The Beginning of an End

Tonight I had my last class ever as a college student. I have spent three and half years here, and it seems unreal that I will never photohave to attend another class as a college student again. I have taken 42 classes, some I looked forward to attending every week, some challenged me and some I just couldn’t wait to be done with forever, but they all were a part of my time here. I talk about student life so much because that has been the biggest part of my experience at Penn State Abington, but my classes and some of my professors have also made this an amazing experience for me. There are certain professors that I’ve taken that if you ever have the chance I highly recommend. The ones who stick out the most to me are Dr. Salar Ghahramani, Dr. Peter Capelotti, Nicholas Santarone, James Ulinski, and Patricia Clayton. The classes that I’ve taken with these 5 individuals have been my favorites, and I feel like I’ve gotten so much out of them. I respect all of them so much and appreciate everything that they give to the university. It’s so weird thinking about how I won’t get another chance to take one of their classes. Trust me, I know how much classes can get frustrating but try to get everything possible out of them while you have the chance!

And just like that I’m done school and the wait begins for graduation…


One response to “The Beginning of an End

  1. Good Luck Jill!!! Trust me graduation is going to go by in a blink of an eye so make sure you take a whole bunch of pictures and bring some tissues lol

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